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April 12th Newsletter

Surreal but logical (1)

What's new

Bagatelle Bistrot is about to embark on its second year in Monaco with a new general manager. Maxime Bureau began working with the venue in February and has plenty of experience managing Monte Carlo SBM's non-hotel restaurants, including Buddha Bar. Chef Rocco Seminara is still in charge of the kitchens but he also has a new team.

Since opening in May 2017 (see 11 May 2017 newsletter), Bagatelle has kept a relatively low profile considering its online party image. TripAdvisor reviews have been mixed and we are aware of only one Monaco resident who eats there occasionally, quietly at lunchtime.

To be honest, we have been put off by its guest profile, as outlined in the media kit: 25 to 50 years olds, trendsetters, influencers, sophisticated partiers, and fashionable business travelers. The name is also ambiguous, most often used by us in the phrase, "a mere bagatelle", in other words, "a trifle, nothing important", but which the media kit tells us means "light courtship of a woman". It'll be interesting to see if there are any changes with the new team.

On Sunday the Deck poolside restaurant at Monte Carlo Beach reintroduces its Sunday buffet lunches. All fruit and vegetables are 100% organic from market gardens selected by 1-star chef Paolo Sari. It's open from 12:30 to 15:30 and costs from 85 euros pp, excluding drinks.

And finally, we made a second visit to Maya Jah. Our first experience, just after it opened, was somewhat chaotic and disappointing, but on the recommendation of several friends we gave it another try. Top marks for service and for reducing the overpowering atomised perfume. Unfortunately the general lighting was so low that every diner needed to use their phone torch to read the menu. To aid choice, each table is provided with an electronic tablet containing photographs of the dishes. The food was good (vegetable biryani and braised lamb), if a little too salty for our taste. Overall, 4/5.

What's in the diary ....

Thursday: Vivanova wine masterclass.
Friday: Magic.
Saturday: Explore the connected universe.
Sunday: Tennis Masters.

Coming up next week, Baroque concert, Plein Soleil, and The Naked Jungle.

For lots more suggestions, visit maBoum's 7 day listing and enjoy your weekend.
(1) This week's quote is a reference to the adventures of the Clangers, a British children's television series written and narrated by English animator Oliver Postgate, born this day 1925. 
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