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What's on in Monaco 3-9 Mar 2016

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March 3rd Newsletter

Mr Watson - come here (1)

What's new

We were all surprised this week by the news that the Rossi family has hung up the pots and pans at Cosmopolitan. The restaurant is a great favourite with the British expat community, especially for its fine fish and chips. According to a notice in the window it will reopen in April with new managers.

In other restaurant news, La Piazza, next door but one to Cosmopolitan, reopens tomorrow following its annual holiday. Further towards the beach, Bouchon has had a menu makeover and now features many more dishes designed by Naomi's Kitchen for diners with dietary problems and fussy eaters.

The Queen Bee vintage boutique is hosting an All Things British pop-up store from 7 to 11 March, promoting L&E London bags. Visit the store daily from 10:00 to 18:00 next week, when English tea and cakes are being served in the afternoons.

Finally, it's International Women's Day on Tuesday. Not many events have been advertised in Monaco, but that won't stop us from raising a glass to all the women in the world.

What's in the diary ....

Thursday: Piano recital.
Friday: Vivanova cocktail party.
Saturday: Harp concert.
Sunday: Peter Pan on Ice.

Coming up next week, MonacoUSA meets LikeBike, Annie Hall and InterNations networking.

For lots more suggestions, visit maBoum's 7 day listing and enjoy your weekend.
(1) This week's quote is the first phrase uttered over the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell, born this day 1847.

What's on in Monaco

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