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About maBoum

Where shall we go? Maybe to a concert in Monaco, or for dinner to impress your clients in Monte Carlo? Whatever the occasion, maBoum makes it easy to find just the right place.

We used to find it frustrating searching the web to get accurate information about places in Monaco. Listings are out of date or simply not available online. For a long time we waited, and hoped someone would solve this obvious problem, but they didn't. So we did. We created maBoum. It lists up-to-the-minute information covering the whole of Monaco, and it's easy to use.

maBoum isn't like other sites. It doesn't rely purely on searching other web directories. Our data is gathered from both online and offline sources, and it's checked personally. We live in Monaco, so all our content is based on local knowledge. Businesses don't pay to be listed in maBoum so you can be sure that our suggestions are based on your needs.

So how does maBoum make money? It doesn't. We built it for ourselves then thought it might be useful for fellow residents and visitors to Monaco. We have lots of exciting plans for the future but one thing will stay the same: you will always get the best information about Monaco for free.

If you have any ideas you'd like to see on maBoum, just contact Lydia or Doug.

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