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  • Bars
    Relax with a coffee, beer, cocktail or wine.
  • Casual
    Pizzas, pasta, omelettes and crepes. Relaxed atmosphere.
  • Deliveries
    To your home, or takeaway service.
  • Fastfood
    Sandwiches, salads, burgers.
  • Fusion
    Cuisine and ingredients from East and West.
  • Gourmet
    Best ingredients, great presentation, skilled chefs.
  • Regional
    Riviera, Nicoise, Monegasque, Provencal.
  • Traditional
    Typical French and Italian restaurants.
  • Treats
    Ice cream, chocolates, cakes and cookies.
  • World
    Cuisine from far and wide: Indian, Asian, Portuguese....
Districts in Monaco
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20 places found

  • Cozza
    Fish and seafood
  • Forgi's
    Italian restaurant
  • Twiga Sumosan Crazy Fish
    Aperos, food and clubbing overlooking the sea
  • Caffe Milano
    Italian restaurant with terrace on F! track
  • Cantinetta Antinori
  • Sans Souci
    Italian fish and seafood with a roadside terrace.
  • Polpetta
    Popular local Italian in a residential area.
  • Chez Giuliano
    Italian restaurant, outdoor terrace, no traffic
  • Piazza
    Italian cuisine popular with locals, pavement terrace
  • Romantica
    Italian cuisine from Piedmont, with small roadside terrace
  • Train Bleu: Monte Carlo Casino
    Restaurant styled as Belle Epoque train dining car
  • Saliere
    Popular with groups of locals. Terrace overlooking Fontvieille port.
  • Pulcinella
    Popular local Italian with plenty of pavement tables.
  • Botticelli
    Bustling roadside Italian overlooking the port. Nonstop service in summer.
  • Terrazzino
    Italian restaurant hidden away in a side street above the Casino.
  • Escale
    Regional cuisine with a terrace on the road overlooking the port.
  • Pinocchio
    Italian food and drink in the old town.
  • Giardino
    Restaurant and snacks with a roadside terrace.
  • Pasta Roca
    Italian cuisine with a terrace in the old town.
  • Michelangelo
    Italian cuisine popular for business lunches. Overlooking Fontvieille port.

What's on in Monaco

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