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  • Steak'n Shake
    Burgers, fries, milkshakes, roadside terrace
  • Gran Caffe
    Bar cafe with covered terrace
  • Caffe Milano
    Italian restaurant with terrace on F! track
  • U Furbu (A Roca)
    Light snacks to take away or eat on the small terrace
  • Botticelli
    Bustling roadside Italian overlooking the port. Nonstop service in summer.
  • Pattaya
    Sunny quayside pancakes, omelettes and ice cream overlooking the port.
  • Automobile Club of Monaco
    Membership association that organizes the Grand Prix and Rally.
  • Escale
    Regional cuisine with a terrace on the road overlooking the port.
  • Nautic
    Poolside eating and snacks by the quayside road overlooking the port.
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