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Do you know the way to San Ruman?

Monegasque language bus destinations.

Monaco buses are displaying their destinations in the Monegasque language, Munegu. It's an idea that was proposed by two teachers of the Francois d'Assise Nicolas Barre (FANB) college, who worked with the bus company, Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco (CAM), to provide translations.

  • Route 1, San Ruman to Munegu Autu / A Roca (Saint Roman to Monaco Ville / Le Rocher)
  • Route 2, Giardin Esoticu to Munegu Autu / A Roca (Jardin Exotique to Monaco Ville / Le Rocher)
  • Route 4, San Ruman to A Cundamina (Saint Roman to La Condamine)
  • Route 5, Funtana Veya to Uspita (Fontvieille to Hopital)
  • Route 6, Larvotu to Funtana Veya (Larvotto to Fontvieille)
  • Bateau bus = Batelu bus
  • Bus de nuit = Bus de noete, and Bus de soiree = Bus de sera
Hopefully it won't cause too much confusion with the tourists.

What's on in Monaco

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