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Lockdown easing in Monaco 7-13 May 2020

Wearing a mask in Monaco and Monte Carlo

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May 7th Newsletter

Fated to give expression to the times in the highest and most ideal manner. (1)

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Listen! Can you hear it? No? That's because the traffic's returned and construction sites have reopened, and life is (nearly) back to normal in Monaco. The blackcap that's been singing its heart out on the balcony opposite is now having trouble making itself heard, and we fear it'll soon give up.

But that's a small price to pay I suppose, for now we can have our hair cut and return to the office. Gucci and Prada await the sophisticates while sportifs are flocking to Nike.

We've read reports that Monday, our first day of tentative liberty, was quiet, but this wasn't maBoum's experience. On the main road below us there was a constant line of traffic from 8am, in spite of police checking vehicles at the borders. If you have to enter Monaco you'll need to ensure you have a valid work certificate, preferably visible with your ID behind your windshield.

Last week I took delivery of two white polyester masks (made in Italy), courtesy of the Govt. They've been distributed free of charge to all residents so it seems churlish to complain. But.... They're one-size-fits all, and while Mr maBoum's mask snugly fits his unruly lockdown beard, mine requires quite a bit of fiddling to keep it in place. My spectacles steam up every time I exhale so using it for shopping is like fishing in a bran tub. Imagine my horror on unpacking a Black Stump Bordeaux instead of a Chassagne-Montrachet.

Still, wearing a mask is a small price to pay if it helps contain the virus. As Spiderman noted in his interview with La Gachette de Monaco, "that person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero." And so I shall persist.

Which brings me finally to this weekend's theme: masks. Enjoy!

What's in the diary ....

Thursday: Gas mask 1.
Friday: Gas mask 2.
Saturday: Masked freedom fighter.
Sunday: Masked crowd pleaser.

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

(1) This week's quote is how Schumann described German composer and pianist Johannes Brahms, born this day 1833. 
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