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The Government has set up a dedicated site about the virus at: Gouvernement Princier - Covid-19. It contains all the information about the measures being taken in Monaco, recommendations for personal health care and daily life, and the emergency number to phone if you think you're infected.

To cheer ourselves up we followed the example of La Gachette de Monaco (see below) and searched around for some poetry. Top of our list is AA Milne's Sneezles, the last line of which is the headline of today's news roundup. Another favourite is Roger McGough's Let Me Die a Youngman's Death, and the retort he wrote when he was older, Not For Me a Youngman's Death. And finally, anything by the Bard of Salford, John Cooper Clarke.

Today's headlines:

Gouvernement Princier
22 March: cinq nouveaux cas positifs reveles a Monaco
Five new positive tests have been reported, taking the total to 23. Also, there is now a nightly curfew in place between 22:00 and 5:00.

Le Gazette de Monaco
23 March: L'Institut audiovisuel projette "La Coupe de France a Monaco"
The Institut Audiovisuel de Monaco is screening short films as part of the cancelled "Tout l'Art du Cinema" season. You can subscribe to the service here: La lettre de l'Institut audiovisuel de Monaco.

Monaco Hebdo
23 March: Le palais de justice ferme au moins jusqu'au 16 avril
Following France's example, Monaco Court of Justice is closed until 16 April. Urgent disputes will be dealt with, and other matters will continue to be investigated by the judiciary from home.

L'Observateur de Monaco
23 March: Nicolas Peretti - L'art du demenagement
An interview with one of the Peretti brothers, who run the Societe Monegasque de Transports. The company's main fields of activity are in house moves and storage. It also specialises in transport and storage of works of art.


La Gachette de Monaco
22 March: 4 ans de confinement!
Unable to celebrate its 4th anniversary with a party, La Gachette posts Couvre-feu (Curfew), by French poet Paul Eluard written under German occupation in 1942.

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