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Today we'll be cheering ourselves up with music. I've put together a list of tunes that always make me feel happy. Obviously, being a bit of an old fogey my choices are not currently in the "hit parade".

  • The Smiths, There is a Light That Never Goes Out - in their heyday, The Smiths were accused by many of being miserable. The detractors were wrong.
  • The Police, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - never fails to get me on the dance floor.
  • General Elektriks, Tu m'intrigues - I first heard this at 2004 Nice Jazz Festival. Watch the video below.
  • Ray Foxx feat. Rachel K Collier, Boom Boom (Heartbeat) - a catchy tune. The video tells the story of a holiday romance.
  • Handel, the Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah - always feel uplifted at the end of this.
Hope these help lift your spirits.

Today's roundup of headlines:

Gouvernement Princier
23 March: Chomage Total Temporaire Renforce (CTTR) - les demarches desormais accessibles en ligne
Companies can now apply online for temporary unemployment assistance for their employees.
23 March: Desinfection des trottoirs, quais de la gare, ascenseurs publics et rampes
Teams of cleaners have been tasked with regularly disinfecting Monaco's pavements, station platforms, public lifts and ramps.

Le Gazette de Monaco
24 March: Confinement - bien compris mais des ameliorations possibles
Patrice Cellario reports that out of 3000 checks last Wednesday and Thursday, the Surete stopped around 150 people, mostly visitors from France, who were violating the safety measures.
24 March: L'Institut audiovisuel - "Demolition du Sporting-Club d'ete"
Another Institut Audiovisuel de Monaco screening, this time of the demolition of the Sporting-Club d'Ete in 1973. You can subscribe to the service here: La lettre de l'Institut audiovisuel de Monaco.

L'Observateur de Monaco
24 March: A velos ou a trottinettes - Voila ce qui va changer
Detailed explanation of the recent measures to extend road use to bicycles and trottinettes (see maBoum newsletter 27 Feb 2020).


La Gachette de Monaco
23 March: Radio Gachette - Confinement, semaine 2
La Gachette's short radio announcement on SoundCloud provides practical recommendations to save the world.

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