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Oct 15th Newsletter

I inspected my imagination ... It boggled. (1)

What's new

Did you know that nearly a quarter of Monaco is covered with gardens and parks? As part of the Principality's biodiversity drive, Jardins Saint-Martin parkies have erected signs to help visitors identify common wildlife, such as European shags (sometimes seen in Port Hercule) and peregrine falcons. They've also fitted 22 bird boxes for smaller, urban birds such as blue tits, which are especially useful because they prey on the larvae of the nasty processionary caterpillars. Bats too are our friends, since they find mosquitoes particularly tasty.

Now we're well and truly into autumn the Monte Carlo Ballet and the Princess Grace Theatre seasons begin this evening. Two visual art exhibitions open tomorrow too; an exhibition of underwater photography, and one of "filmed" portraits.

There's a brief, informative article in the Observateur de Monaco about the future development of Fontvieille. Plans include doubling the current number of shops to around 70, installing a 4-screen cinema, a park, and extra social housing. The cable car to the Rock hasn't yet been approved.

And finally, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that the Christmas lights are already being hung above the streets. Well, it's only 10 weeks away. Enjoy!

What's in the diary ....

Thursday: Vivanova's Greek get-together.
Friday: Fund-raising concert.
Saturday: Competitive petanque.
Sunday: Music by Ravel.

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

(1) This week's quote is from the book Right Ho, Jeeves, by English author P.G. Wodehouse, born this day 1881.

What's on in Monaco

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