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August 17th Newsletter

I told the truth and shamed all the devils (1)

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They say that if you live far from home in another country, after 10 years you cannot return. This year we're putting it to the test in Dorset, our first British holiday since 2005 if you don't count weekends with family or friends, or the occasional business trip. Things have changed, we have changed.

The first thing to strike us is the lack of table service, not in pubs, but in cafes. How backward it seems to have to queue at a counter for tea and scones, pay up front, then fight for a table.

When we do visit a restaurant with waiting staff, the management has been somewhat chaotic. Food turns up before wine and orders are forgotten, unless the waiter is French. British servers are very formal, perhaps uncomfortable, like wooden actors trying hard to remember their lines.

If you support public transport like us, you'll be shocked at how difficult it is to use the buses outside London. The trains can also be confusing, and then there's a strange pang of guilt when you remember you haven't stamped your ticket - no need in the UK.

Entertainment is not so different. This week we enjoyed an open-mic night where there were good acts and average acts. There was even an Elvis singer, just like at home in Monaco. Yes, our home really is now the Riviera.

What's in the diary ....

Thursday: Jazz tribute to Nougaro.
Friday: Legally Blonde.
Saturday: Latino party.
Sunday: Organ music.

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(1) This week's quote is by Irish-born American actress Maureen O'Hara, born this day 1920. She was talking about her childhood personality.
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