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Testing for the virus in Monaco and Monte Carlo

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May 21st Newsletter

Ain't Misbehavin'. (1)

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Yesterday the maBoum household took up the Government's offer of a free Covid-19 blood test. There was no queueing outside, nor inside at the counter where you can fill out your permission, although for hygiene's sake it's better to do that at home.

For those who've yet to be tested, here's what happens. A masked clerk at a perspex-protected desk checks residency cards and forms, then you're shown to a table and asked to take a seat. Green boards hide you from your neighbours while a very nice Carabinier du Prince carries out your test, fully protected with mask, visor, blue plastic long-sleeved apron and matching gloves. He verifies your name and date of birth, then using a little implement (I didn't look) he painlessly punctures a hole in your preferred index finger, squeezes out a drop of blood and sucks it into a tiny pipette. This is then dropped onto a piece of plastic about the size of the right-hand shift key on a computer and which has a window to show the results.

Now all you have to do is wait for ten minutes and chat to the rather bored Carabinier. He tells me that few people are taking advantage of the free testing, agrees some folk are ignorantly or wilfully indulging in unprotected public coughing, and that really it's our civic duty to follow the guidance and protect each other. And then he checks the marker which shows that you're .... negative. No antibodies present in the blood. It's a bitter sweet result. Hurrah! I'm not carrying the virus. Yah boo sucks! I can't risk moving too quickly back to normality. So the hand-washing and mask-wearing and physical distancing continue.

And finally, we're cautiously updating our events listing, so watch this space. Our theme then, is past events in Monaco. Enjoy!

What's in the diary ....

Thursday: 1956 wedding.
Friday: 1982 Grand Prix.
Saturday: 2017 Ligue 1 champs.
Sunday: 2018 jazz.

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

(1) This week's quote is the title of a song for which the music was written by American jazz pianist Fats Waller, born this day 1904. 

What's on in Monaco

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