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18:30 Friday - 08 Feb 2019

l'Atlantide, mythe ou realite?

Venue: A Casa d'i Soci

French language conference

A talk on the theme "L'Atlantide, mythe ou realite?" (Atlantis, myth or reality?), presented by Philippe Deschamp.

Organized by the AMORC Monoecis association, part of the Ancien et Mystique Ordre de la Rose-Croix. AMORC, also known as the Rosicrucian Order, presents itself as a philosphical and humanistic, non sectarian and apolitical fraternal order devoted to "the study of the elusive mysteries of life and the universe." It is open to both men and women.

For more information visit the organization's PACA region website at: AMORC Ordre de la Rose Croix PACA, and the French website at: Ordre de la Rose Croix.

What's on in Monaco

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