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  • Huit et Demi
    Regional food, with a pavement terrace
  • Fredy's Dauphin Vert
    Drinks and snacks with a terrace on a pedestrian street
  • Brasserie de Monaco
    Lively micro brewery, regional snacks, TVs for sport. Overlooking the port.
  • Indian Star
    Indian-style cuisine run by Sri Lankans, roadside terrace, takeaways, deliveries
  • Pulcinella
    Popular local Italian with plenty of pavement tables.
  • Edmond's
    Popular bar and restaurant on the main road.
  • Cravache
    Local bar with a small terrace near the market.
  • Ship and Castle
    British style pub serving fish and chips on Fridays.
  • Oliveraie
    Snacks to take away or to eat with a beer in the garden terrace.
  • Ariston
    Cafe and bar with a large terrace on the road opposite the beach.
  • Giardino
    Restaurant and snacks with a roadside terrace.
  • Eden Bar
    Italian bar serving pasta, pizzas and salads on the market square.
  • Pizza Pino
    Pizzeria with tables on the market square.
  • Monaco Bar
    Beer and snacks on the corner of the square.
  • Chez Titine
    Local's bar with a small terrace close to the market stalls.

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