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  • Caravelle
    Sunny spot on a corner with tables overlooking the port
  • U Furbu (A Roca)
    Light snacks to take away or eat on the small terrace
  • Palace Cafe
    Small terrace on ground floor of Park Palace apartment building
  • Casa del Caffe
    Pavement tables on a side street close to Casino Gardens
  • Place du Marche
    Sandwiches and snacks to take away or eat at tables on the market square.
  • Paninoteca
    Snack bar with pavement tables only, overlooking the port.
  • McDonald's: Ni Box
    US chain in entertainment complex
  • Paincocotte
    Snacks in the park with views over Monaco.
  • Oliveraie
    Snacks to take away or to eat with a beer in the garden terrace.
  • Crock'in
    Salads and sandwiches with a terrace close to the port.
  • Ariston
    Cafe and bar with a large terrace on the road opposite the beach.
  • Costa Boulangerie Beach
    Local bakers with seating on a sunny terrace a few steps back from the beach road.
  • Cote Mer
    Snack kiosk on the new harbour wall.
  • Shangri La Snack
    Pavement seating only overlooking the harbour.
  • Dauphin Vert Snack
    Snacks and drinks overlooking the yachts.
  • Bambi Snack
    Snacks and ice cream on the promenade of Port Hercule.
  • Escale Snack
    Snack bar on the promenade overlooking the port.
  • Pampa
    Terrace overlooking the royal palace. Bar snacks.
  • Kiosque
    Kiosk outside the shopping centre selling snacks and drinks.
  • Piamu U Frescu
    Pancakes and salads for lunch. Garden terrace.

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