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  • Indochine
    Fast Indian food takeaway with a roadside terrace
  • Boco Monaco
    Bistro-deli serving food in jars
  • Lo Sfizio Street
    Pizza cafe, takeaway and delivery
  • U Furbu (A Roca)
    Light snacks to take away or eat on the small terrace
  • Bambin Bufarelu
    Snack bar selling sandwiches and beer. Take away or eat at tables outside shopping centre
  • Gelateria
    Over 30 flavours of home made ice cream to take away
  • Maison Mullot Fontvieille
    Bread, cakes and sandwiches to take away or eat at seats in the shopping centre.
  • McDonald's
    Multinational brand burgers. Eat inside, on the terrace, or takeaway.
  • Picin Tocu
    Snacks to take away for lunch.
  • En-K
    Takeaway sandwiches for a working lunch.
  • Chaudey Philippe
    Snacks on a pedestrian alley.
  • Cote Mer
    Snack kiosk on the new harbour wall.
  • Palais Greem
    Kiosk selling ice cream to take away.
  • Ice Baby
    Carte d'Or ice cream to take away.
  • Costa Boulangerie
    Inside seating available for light snacks.
  • Plume d'Oie
    Shop selling cold drinks with just a couple of seats.
  • Thai Garden
    Chinese style fastfood to takeaway or eat in.
  • Casino Kiosk
    Hot and cold snacks and drinks to takeaway. No seating.
  • Roca Fontvieille
    Sandwiches, cakes and regional snacks with limited seating inside.
  • Epi d'Argent
    Sandwiches and pastries to takeaway. One pavement table.
  • Brioche Doree
    Kiosk selling snacks to takeaway from the local workers' canteen.
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