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April 5th Newsletter

The father of modern surgery (1)

What's new

We have rather a short newsletter this week, but don't worry, we're not on strike. Unlike the French rail-workers.

As we mentioned last week, 'Black' Tuesday was the first day of disruption. We are now facing a 3-month period of 2-day stoppages in every five days. Those of you who travel by car or taxi need only note the inconvenience of an increase in road traffic. If you're a regular train user, you'll find details of services on the SNCF website here: Info Trafic Greve National.

Bon courage!

What's in the diary ....

Thursday: Where is Rocky II?.
Friday: Opera today.
Saturday: Monaco v Nantes.
Sunday: Orchestral concert.

Coming up next week, Monaco Ocean Week, A Hard Day's Night, and discover Callas.

For lots more suggestions, visit maBoum's 7 day listing and enjoy your weekend.
(1) This week's quote is a reference to British surgeon Sir Joseph Lister, pioneer of antiseptic surgery, born this day 1827. 

What's on in Monaco

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